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Sales Skills, 5 Ways to Send a Strong Sales Email

Emails are so important in a selling environment. Emails communicate vital information and can help you to transform a potential prospect into a client who is interested in what you have to offer. Similar to leaving ineffective voicemails, emails can easily be done poorly and drive little to no results. When I worked in application …

Sales Techniques, 5 Ways to Become a More Effective Salesperson

CHARM is a wildly miss-understood dynamic of being a salesperson and it is one of the most important attributes one can have when interacting in a selling environment. A lot of people think charm has to do with talking really quickly, laughing a lot, smiling even more and always making eye contact that is far …

Sales Skills, 7 Rapport Building Tips for Salespeople

Some people are, simply stated, very charming. In all actuality though, those people who seem naturally gifted aren’t doing anything all that complicated. Those salespeople who seem like they were born to do this, in fact, weren’t. Charming people have compiled many specific strategies (subconscious or not) that they bring into the conversation to help …

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