My Story

I have worked many sales jobs with varying degrees of training. Throughout the years the mentors that I had paid very little attention to the psychological aspects of a sales/persuasive interaction.

In many cases they provided me no training and said “Get out there and sell some cars!” Pretty reassuring right?

Unfortunately, Not even close.

Those were the subpar trainers, but even the good ones would only teach you the logistics of how to overcome an objection but they wouldn’t help you get inside the mind of your customer and understand why they were objecting in the first place.

No matter the scenario, we are working with humans in this kind of career and I think what is missing is that human centered selling.

Hi- my name is Daniel Kading.

I have had a plethora of negative and positive experiences working in a handful of sales jobs.

The negative experiences taught me so much about the performance art that is the modern sales job.

I don’t want you to feel lost trying to find your way in a selling based career. I made a lot of mistakes so that you wouldn’t have to. I bring heartfelt solutions to some of the most common mishaps salespeople have.

I hope you will follow my blog and join the conversation of sales strategy with me!


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