Sales is a cutthroat endeavor because it’s hard work.

It requires a level of tenacity that most people just don’t have or want to have and that is what is so great about it.

If you are one of those people who is willing to take a calculated risk and join a sales job the possibilities are endless.

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Here are my top five reasons a sales job is one of the best things you can pursue:


This is very obvious, but, yes you have the opportunity to make more money. Although, no self respecting salesperson would tell you it comes easy because it doesn’t.

Sales is a grind but really what job isn’t? Every career requires work but not all of them pay you extra for that work. Sales does.

You have to be willing to learn quick and be humble while you do it. Listening to critiques and making on the fly changes to foster results.

If you can master that and not let your ego get in the way, you can make a lot more money in a sales job.


Sales is growth.

It’s about hitting your monthly quota and then going well beyond it. Then the next month doing the same thing but even bigger.

This is what a lot of people love about a sales environment.

There are usually two types of people in this world.

  • Those who are perfectly satisfied getting paid an hourly wage for a set amount of hours
  • Those who want more control over their income

Those people who choose an hourly wage are agreeing to a finite amount of money they are willing to make, for a finite amount of their time.

Salespeople want to make more with the time that they have and are willing to go the extra mile to do so.


First, let me say, persuading people is something that you will do in your personal life even if you do not do it in your work life.

Although I highly doubt that…

There is not a single career you will ever go into where you will not need to sell something, even if it is something as simple as showcasing your abilities in a job interview or in a training scenario, teaching a hardheaded new recruit how to do something they didn’t know previously.

You have to be persuasive, confident and convincing if you work with people, no matter the job.

Some may say “Well hey I work in a office, I don’t interact with people. I basically just run data and send emails all day.”

In response to this objection I would say “You still have to send emails and relay that data, requiring good communication.

Say the person you are emailing disagrees with your findings and you have to persuade them to think otherwise. Just because a product isn’t attached doesn’t mean it is isn’t selling, you are still selling your ideas, and that counts.”

Sales is persuasion, persuasion is selling.

Sales experience is a useful resume builder, that any employer will value.

I once got a serving job at a restaurant with zero food service experience just because I had such a diverse set of skills in different sales jobs.

Additionally, every business has a sales department and they love their salespeople!

They will often send you on vacations completely for free for hitting top sales quotas and they will keep you around for a lot longer because of how much money you make the company.

Those employers will include big bonuses and awesome perks to make sure you are happy and eager to return to work everyday to make things happen.

Do you like feeling like the teams most valuable player? Sales will make you feel that way quite often.


That afternoon when I realized I had sold four cars in one day was one of the greatest moments of my professional life.

I made a little over two grand in commission and was well on my way to hitting my monthly bonus.

I also won two tickets to a Santana concert with the sales contest that I didn’t even know was going on.

Car lot managers are notorious for not letting you leave the lot at the end of your shift if you haven’t sold anything that day.

My manager looked at me on this particular day and stared at the sales board stating “Did Daniel really sell four cars today!? Is he the only person on this team that sold a car today!? Daniel go home you earned it! The rest of you can stay.”


The sales manager is not going to hold your hand everyday with your job. They will hopefully train you but even with that training you are going to have to learn all the hardest lessons on your own without anyone around to help you.

This is your destiny and you are in charge of it.

That is really the best part though because once you know how to do your job you can truly be the master of your own success.

I used to work with this guy who had been with the company for longer than anyone else. He figured out over a period of time how to be successful with prospects over the phone many years prior to me working with him.

It was such a simple formula. Find the basic needs of the customer and leverage the features of our product to help them realize they needed it to be successful.

It took self-reliance and self-reflection to reach that point and when he finally did he became the quiet sales ninja moving through every single day with no one even noticing how much he was kicking ass.

He would gather up his numbers and as soon as he hit five sales he would go up and finally post them to the board, always shocking everyone around. He was a true professional and he had perfected his craft so much so that he would consistently make between 120k-130k every single year.

That could absolutely be you and there is no reason to think with an infinite sales based mindset you can’t reach that goal as well.

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